Bee Bot

Use arrow keys to code! Teaches sequencing and problem solving. No additional devices required.


Build your own video game! Create game rooms, characters and game art using colored blocks. Upload your designs onto the Bloxels Builder app.


A screen free coding robot! No additional devices required.

Chain Reaction

Build a colorful trail of 100 wooden dominoes. Add a bridge, bell, rails, and assorted tricks.

Design & Drill

Power up the creative fun while developing fine motor, pattern recognition and color matching skills.


Power up the creative fun while developing fine motor, pattern recognition and color matching skills.

Himiku Blocks

Wooden rock-like blocks inspired by Japanese minimalist design. Promotes creative thinking and open-ended play.

Ikea Tumblers

The ultimate in cup stacking fun. Use a variety of cups for pattern play and sorting.

Keva Planks

Use wooden planks to build towers, ball runs & more.

K'NEX Gears

Build seven fully functioning replicas of real-world machines.

K'NEX Levers & Pulleys

Build replicas of real-world machines that utilize levers & pulleys.

LEGO Early Simple Machines

Use LEGO Duplo Blocks to learn how gears, levers, pulleys, wheels & axles work.

LEGO Mindstorm EV3

Build and program robots. Requires tablet or computer, WIFI, and download of EV3 programming app.


Create using magnetic squares, triangles, pentagons & hexagons.


Translucent squares & triangles that connect magnetically.

Magnet Discovery

Explore the wonders of magnetism!

Magz Bricks

Create using magnetic bricks!

Makey Makey

Turn everyday objects into touchpads using alligator clips. Requires a computer with internet access.

Marble Run

A wooden marble run building kit that provides a great mix of spins, drops, and a seesaw for endless building fun.

Meigo Building Blocks

Build using segmented blocks, wheels and pipes that fit together.

Mental Blox

Logic game that builds critical thinking skills.

No Stress Chess

Learn chess in small steps. Cards determine random moves and teach basics of chess.

Pattern Puzzle

Use colorful plastic shapes to make pictures on the included cards.

Playstix Deluxe Set

Color-coded grooved sticks that interlock.

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